Working out has so many benefits and it has a direct effect on the muscle tissue. Even more when lifting heavy weights. No matter if you are doing aerobic classes, lifting or going for a run … When the resistance of the muscle is more intense than to what you are normally used to, the process of building new muscle mass will be activated. With higher intensity during your workout, the muscle will show small tears in the tissue. That´s totally normal and nothing to worry about. Muscle soreness is nothing else than your muscle having microscopic tears in its tissue.
The right nutrition will now speed up the recovery process and build up stronger muscle mass.

Recovery nutrition

With the right nutrition, it is in your hand if you can make progress and reach your goals. That can be muscle building or weight loss or to improve your endurance. I want to show that the right nutrition is crucial for a fast recovery and therefore I want to give you an overview of the role of carbohydrates and protein. They build (besides hydration) the basis of recovery.



Eating carbs after your workout is beneficial because it refills the glycogen stores that were used for the exercise. Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in the human body. Your workout won´t be successful when your glycogen stores are not properly filled to provide the fuel you need.

Having carbs after your work is even more important when your next workout is less than 24 hours away. Because it takes approximately 24 hours until the glycogen stores are fully charged again.

Now you can imagine why for example two workouts a day can be more harmful than effective. When you are training in the morning and having a second workout later that same day the glycogen stores had no time to fill up again. Make sure you eat foods rich in carbohydrates in between your sessions.

To always have the best outcome of your workout and highest performance, the right nutrition and recovery nutrition is essential.



Weightlifting as well as cardio training can cause damage to muscle protein which results in small tears in the tissue. Our body recognizes the tears and reacts with a synthesis of new proteins to repair the damage. The process of remodeling normally takes up to 24-48 hours after a single workout. The most intensity of the process will be directly after the physical activity.

Having a protein-rich meal afterward (or a protein shake) has a positive effect on the muscle protein synthesis. Our body digests the protein we eat and breaks it down into the smallest parts (known as amino acids). The amino acids can then be assembled into new muscle proteins. During that time of recovery and muscle building, it is very important to provide high-quality protein that includes the essential amino acids. Those can´t be built from our body itself and therefore they have to be given by a protein-rich foods. You will find essential amino acids in lean meat, eggs or milk and also in a combination of whole grains with legumes for example.