Is Herbalife safe?

Herbalife is a well-known player in the weight loss industry. Obesity is a huge problem and it continues to grow. While obesity brings immense health problems most people are desperate to lose weight to fit into aesthetics that are nowadays dictated by social media.

While there is a slight change in the public acceptance of a fuller frame the majority still strives to be skinny.


Read the truths about Herbalife! Eat healthy to get all the nutrition , exercise regularly and you don't need any shakes. It´s a wast of your money. #herbalife #nutrition #health #weightloss #nutritionmatters

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The highest priority is to be healthy! That should be the goal for everybody.

Nature provides us with the most valuable tools to be healthy. REAL FOOD!

Unprocessed food is the best way to a healthy, strong, happy life.

So, is Herbalife a quick fix to achieve your goals? Lose weight and be healthy for life?!


What immediately catches my eye when I visit Herbalife´s website is the phrase “Make Money.” What?! If you are visiting this site you are probably seeking help in the nutrition area. Information about weight-loss, how to maintain a healthy weight, food facts and overall health advice should be the topics to find on the first page.

Instead, you find articles about how to become a distributor and how to make money by selling their products.

Usually, a blog is a good source of information and facts about nutrition. It would give Herbalife the chance to educate people about nutrition and give them the knowledge to solve their nutrition problems.

I picked a blog post with the promising title “Our dietitian answers your questions.” That was a big fail! There were no nutrition or health-related questions or answers. But of course, they didn´t miss out to include a recipe for the dietitians favorite Herbalife shake.

The whole system preys on the vulnerable who are so desperate to lose weight. As soon as people lose weight they think it is a miracle product.


Let´s take a closer look

The internet is full of Herbalife reviews and people report about their weight-loss successes. And on the other hand, you find as many (or even more) negative reviews. Not everybody finds lasting success with Herbalife products.

The products are very pricey. If you buy the “Ultimate Program” you have to pay 229,30$. That´s for 1 month and includes meal replacement shakes, multivitamins, herbal tea concentrate, and some other weight management enhancers. You can choose between different flavors for your shake, for example, Pina Colada, French Vanilla, Wild Berry or Dutch Chocolate.

Personally, I can´t say anything about the taste of the shakes but I heard about an artificial taste. And my guess is, that it must be really sweet because the food label lists fructose as the second ingredient.

The shakes are based on soy protein isolate. Soy is one of the most known foods for allergies. If you are allergic to soy your immune system will react with unpleasant symptoms. That could be the reason why some people report some major bloating and being gassy.

Herbalife cuts back calories drastically and suppresses your appetite. Your body is in starvation mode from day one. The shake with its 170 calories is not even close to being a full meal. Of course, you lose weight when you cut back on calories like crazy. I´m pretty sure you will not consume the shakes forever. When you start eating real food again the weight will come back.


My personal experience with Herbalife

I assume most people stumble across Herbalife when they are looking for weight loss fixes. Or they already know about it from friends or heard about it.

I  was on vacation in LA and being the fitness freak I am I was running the Santa Monica Stairs every day.

One day a friendly guy with a clipboard in his hand stopped me and talked to me. He admired my effort to run the stairs. After some small talk, he asked me if I was interested in free training at the beach the next day.

I left my name and e-mail address and showed up at the free training the next day.

The workout was great and everybody had fun. At the end of the session, the trainers invited us to come over to the “Club” and enjoy some drinks. This was the first time when I realized what that all was about.

They were fishing for new customers for Herbalife.

When I chatted with the guy at The Stairs there were no signs of Herbalife. He didn’t wear a t-shirt with the logo printed on or something else which could identify him as a Herbalife employee.

Looking back I felt that the whole approach was insidious. It should have been obvious from the first point of contact that Herbalife is involved.

On the outside, you might think of Herbalife as a nutrition company. But in reality, it is a huge marketing machinery. It´s a pyramid scheme.

“An organization is deemed to be a pyramid scheme if the participants obtain their monetary benefits primarily from recruitment rather than the sale of goods and services to consumers.”

That was just my personal experience I wanted to share. Maybe you have similar experiences or totally different ones. I like to hear about yours! Share them in the comments if you like.

To answer the question: “Has Herbalife side effects?” I can say that I personally haven’t used Herbalife shakes and I don’t know if there are any physical side effects. But I think consuming shakes over a long period of time and replacing full meals with shakes will affect you mentally. The desire for real food will get so big that will be harder and harder to ignore the wish for real food. And that can be a starting point for an eating disorder.