Eat more fiber!

With all the low carb trend that is going on for quite some time, people are literally afraid to eat carbs. Especially women often watch their intake in order to keep their weight low. But with reducing carbs there comes a big downside. Because that also means you are missing out on essential nutrients and vitamins.

The carbs that are in nuts, cereals, fruits or vegetables are really healthy and provide also the important fiber.


If you want to lose weight, eat fiber rich foods! Fiber will help your body with good and fast digestion! Get a list of the top fiber rich foods. | #fiber #fiberforweightloss #weightloss #healthylifestyle

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What exactly is fiber?

Fiber is the undigestible part of plants which can´t be absorbed from our digestive system. It passes the system relatively undamaged. There are two sorts of fiber:


  1. Soluble fiber
    This one dissolves in water and gets a gel-like texture. Benefits are a positive impact on blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Good sources are oats, carrots, apples, beans, peas (mostly everything with a solid texture what demands some serious chewing.)
  2. Insoluble fiber
    It speeds up the movement of digested food through your system and it brings help with constipation. For a better understanding, you can compare it with a sponge. It picks up water and therefore adds up the volume. This is when you feel full after eating whole grain foods. While moving through the digestive system the fiber picks up toxins and removes everything our body doesn´t need.


Top 3 benefits of a fiber-rich diet


  1. Healthy weight
    Foods high in fiber tend to be more filling and for a longer time compared to their low in fiber companions. Therefore you will eat less and will also be fulfilled for a longer time. Another benefit is that they have fewer calories for the same volume of food. For example: peas (100 gr. – 81 kcal); toast (100 gr. – 313 kcal)
  2. Steady blood sugar levels
    A healthy balanced diet might lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Especially soluble fiber slows down the absorption of sugar and helps to improve blood sugar levels. You won´t have to deal with sugar spikes.
  3. Keeps the food moving in your gut
    Fiber binds water, softens your stool and increases the weight of it. A bulkier stool is easier to pass. So you will have a more regular bowel movement. 


To make sure you get your daily intake right you should include fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, nuts and whole grains in your diet.


5 Tips to get more fiber every day


  1. Start with the right breakfast
    Cereals are a great way to start your day right. But not the crunchy ones with a ton of sugar in it. Look out for the labels with 5 gr. (or higher) of fiber per serving.
  2. Always go for “whole grain”!
    Go for whole grain bread, whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc.
    Whole grains are not processed and provide the whole package of nutrients. Vitamins and especially fiber gets lost when grains are processed.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables
    The recommended intake of fruits and vegetables is 5 servings per day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and boost your immune system. And they add up your fiber intake.
  4. Be smart about choosing your snacks
    As an alternative to chocolate or whatever your choice of snacks normally is you should eat a few nuts, fresh fruits or whole grain crackers. Nuts or dried fruits are healthy choices but are also high in calories.
  5. Pimp your meals
    An excellent source of fiber are lentils, beans or peas. You can easily add them to your salad, soup or whatever your plate has to offer.


Best foods high in fiber


Food fiber per 100 gr.
wheat bran 45,1
chia seeds 34,4
coconut flakes 24
white beans 23,2
dried prunes 18,8
chickpeas 15,5
dried figs 12,9
peanuts 11,7
artichoke 10,8
popcorn 10


The daily recommended intake is at least 30 gr. !

Often times you hear people saying that apples, broccoli or avocados are high in fiber. While these 3 foods have some grams of it I wouldn´t call them fiber rich! See for yourself, here are the numbers:


Food fiber per 100 gr.
apple 2
broccoli 3
avocado 6,3


Be warned!

While fiber-rich foods are beneficial for your health they will only unfold their full potential when they are consumed with enough WATER.