May 2019

How to stay motivated to eat healthy when all you want is chocolate?!


Motivation to eat healthy Eating healthy and being consistent with it can be challenging. But how can some people with seemingly no effort eat healthy all the time and maintain their weight? While others try hard every day and at the end of the day they lose the battle, give in and binge on fast [...]

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March 2019

Answering the 10 most common questions about Celery Juice nutrition!


What you need to know about celery juice! The hottest trend in nutrition and health right now is celery juice. It is yet another health trend that is gaining popularity very fast. After the kale era, golden milk hype, matcha tea craze everybody who wants to be healthy jumps on the celery juice train. Celebrities go [...]

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What is the definition of complex carbs?


The right carbs can actually be healthy! Carbs is a hot topic for years now especially when it comes to weight loss. If you look up information about carbs you will immediately spot 2 opposite opinions regarding carbohydrates. The ones that swear carbs are the devil and bad for you. The other ones that say [...]

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February 2019

Is oat milk dangerous?!


Oat milk nutrition - The holy grail to health? Over the past years, milk alternatives have become more and more popular. Nowadays there is a huge variety of choices you can make if you want to avoid cow milk. Every grocery store now offers soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk and more. The [...]

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December 2018

Can’t lose weight and tried EVERYTHING! – Why diets don’t work!


Why diets don't work If you start a diet you have high hopes that you will lose weight, improve how your body image, feel mentally happier and give your self-esteem a boost. In an ideal world, all of this will happen! But the reality is a lot different from that. A lot of people get lost [...]

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November 2018

Brain Food


Brain Food - increase your brain power The brain is an incredible organ and capable of so much. We are just starting to understand all the processes that daily happen in our brains. Happiness, joy, memories ... all these feelings are tied to a proper function of the brain. When we talk about the connection [...]

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Can you microwave quinoa?


Can you microwave quinoa? Quinoa is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can add to your healthy diet. Fast and easy to prepare. Plus you can add it to almost every dish no matter if you want to add it to your soup or any other food. But, first things first. How do you [...]

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October 2018

Shocking Herbalife Reviews


Is Herbalife safe? Herbalife is a well-known player in the weight loss industry. Obesity is a huge problem and it continues to grow. While obesity brings immense health problems most people are desperate to lose weight to fit into aesthetics that are nowadays dictated by social media. While there is a slight change in the [...]

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September 2018

Are canned beans healthy?


Are canned beans healthy? Beans are nutrient dense and a rich source of fiber, folate, protein, iron, vitamin B1, magnesium, potassium, and copper. They are good food for weight loss. Beans are filling and at the same time low in calories. You can add them to all kinds of meals like salads, soups, main [...]

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