What is brewer’s yeast?

Brewer´s yeast is an ingredient used to produce beer or bread. For beer brewing, the yeast is broken down by sugars to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide (water, hops, and barley are added to complete the brewing).

It has a unique taste and some people say you could use it as a cheese replacement. Once you get used to the taste you can add a few flakes as seasoning to your salad, vegetables or mix it in smoothies. The daily recommended dose is 2 tablespoons to experience all the benefits from brewer´s yeast. If you want to avoid the taste you can also get capsules. But make sure there are no additional ingredients used.


Top 5 health benefits of nutritional yeast. It is rich in B-Vitamins which are vital for a getting energy from your food. | nutritionisthenewsmart.com #nutritionalyeast #healthylifestyle #health #nutrition #weightloss

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1. Anti-aging insider´s tip

For thousands of years, people drank the unfiltered version of the beer with brewer´s yeast still in it and getting all the valuable nutrients. For preservation and to be able to transport beer over long distances without losing quality the brewer´s yeast was filtered out of the beverage. Unfortunately, the one thing that made beer healthy was taken out and the health benefits got lost.
The high amount of biotin makes it a perfect food to support your hair and nail growth and gives you beautiful skin. If you have problems with acne, biotin might help with that.
Dried brewer´s yeast contains 40% of protein with 16 essential and non-essential amino acids. All the nutrients make your skin tight and you have fewer wrinkles.

2. Supports fat loss

Brewer´s yeast is rich in Vitamin B5. All B-Vitamins are water soluble and therefore have to be taken regularly with your food. They are also important for the metabolism when energy is made from carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Especially athletes benefit from B5 because it has a special role in the fat metabolism. You can say B5 jump-starts this energy providing process.

3. Building lean muscle mass

Another important nutrient found in brewer´s yeast is folic acid. It is beneficial when building body mass, a lot of amino acid building blocks can´t be accessed without it. Folic acid is vital to many enzyme systems which result in building proteins.
In combination with Vitamin B12, it produces hemoglobin, which works like a “taxi” for oxygen and transports oxygen into the muscle cells for maximum results.

4. Boosts your immune system 

Especially in winter, our immune system can use a proper support of vitamins and minerals. The high amount of zinc makes it perfect to protect us from getting sick. Zinc belongs to the group of micronutrients and is therefore important for a lot of processes in our body.

5. Supports iron absorption

Brewer´s yeast has a good amount of copper, which is known to help with iron absorption. It supports the absorption from the intestinal tract and also releases it from its primary storage place like the liver. This way copper guarantees to have healthy red blood cells and a good supply of oxygen. When having an iron deficiency it can lead to conditions like weakness, fatigue or muscle ache.