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September 2018

Is sour cream healthy?


What is sour cream? Sour cream has become a regular product in many grocery baskets. It´s the perfect addition to baked potatoes Before I answer the question "Is sour cream healthy" we first have to take a look at what sour cream actually is. Sour cream is a dairy product made by fermenting regular cream. Lactic acid bacteria then thickens the [...]

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August 2018

Best Leaky Gut Diet to cure your Health Problems


A leaky gut diet that actually helps You have tried all types of diets and consulted several doctors, but no one could offer a solution to your problems? You suffer from gas, bloating, irregular bowels and you hold on to several pounds you can´t easily shed? Often times the discomfort is already going on for several [...]

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July 2018

June 2018

Is Kombucha good for you? 8 proven benefits!


What is Kombucha? Kombucha Tea is originally from Northern China and was also served in Russia and eastern Europe. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink. Based on black or green tea for its potential health benefits. In the beginning, it was mostly a product of health food stores. Now, that Kombucha Teat has become commercial [...]

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Keto Diet for beginners


What is a keto diet? The keto diet is a low carb and high-fat diet. It is especially important to reduce your carb intake to less than 10% of daily calorie consumption. Our body always takes glucose for energy production first because it is converted into energy very fast. When the glucose stores are empty [...]

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May 2018

Gluten-free diet leads to nutrient deficiency!


What is gluten? To understand the whole situation with gluten, gluten-free, nutrient deficiency and weight loss it is important to know what gluten actually is. Gluten is a protein. You will find it in whole grain. Whole grain contains 3 parts: bran germ endosperm (Refined grains only contain the endosperm. The nutrient-dense bran and germ are [...]

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April 2018

How to avoid inflammation!


What is inflammation? Inflammation is an essential part of everybody´s immune system. It´s the response of our immune system to any kind of injuries. The defense mechanism is against any kind of bacteria, viruses and it repairs the affected areas. Any infection would result in death if inflammation would not heal it. It is believed [...]

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How to prevent aging and stay young!


Aging can be prevented! To prevent aging there are a few things we can actively do to stay young for a little bit longer. Every day we get a little bit older and that means our cells lose their youth too. But there is evidence out there, that biological aging can be slowed down or [...]

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