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You found me, that means we have something in common.

I´m pretty sure you found my blog because you are interested in a healthy living. Plus you are looking for nutrition education.
This is the right place for you! Healthy food will be your new passion!
This blog came to life because I want to enable people to live a healthy life. Therefore I share my knowledge about nutrition and fitness with you. I´m Simone, living in Munich, 39 years old and I was always interested in nutrition and fitness.
While looking for reliable sources, I found myself more and more confused about certain topics and how they impact health and body functions.
You can´t out train a bad diet!

You have probably heard this quote before and didn´t even know how true it is.

No matter how many hours you spend in the gym busting your ass off, eating the wrong food after your workout makes it all worthless.

With bad food, I talk about processed, fatty food (not healthy fatty food like avocado for example).

Portion size also plays a big role. While a big portion of vegetables does our body good we tend to eat the unhealthy things in huge amounts.


I didn´t want to base my knowledge on some articles I found online, I wanted to become a reliable source for others myself.
That´s when I decided to get a certified education in nutrition.
I want to provide nutrition education to enable you to live a healthy life. Healthy living should be everybody´s number 1 priority. Make good choices when it comes to the food you eat. Healthy food is a life extender. 


Fitness-wise I´m into sports practically my whole life. I did swimming competitions for about 10 years and after that, I  fell in love with the gym life. And that´s my passion until today.
If you take fitness seriously it will sooner or later lead you to nutrition, too. It helps to understand how you can improve endurance, strength and keep your weight steady. 
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