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December 2017

How to fix your weight with fiber!


Eat more fiber! With all the low carb trend that is going on for quite some time, people are literally afraid to eat carbs. Especially women often watch their intake in order to keep their weight low. But with reducing carbs there comes a big downside. Because that also means you are missing out on [...]

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Will sugar substitutes make you sick?


Sugar substitutes are not a shortcut to weight loss!   The topic of sugar substitutes is a big one if you are trying to lose weight. There is no doubt that high amounts of sugar are bad for your health and have a negative effect on the scale. But that doesn´t stop us from craving [...]

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Fructose – Is sugar from fruit bad for you?


What is fructose? Eating fruits is healthy, everybody knows that. They nourish us with vitamins and boost our immune system.  The saying "same same but different" is a perfect match for the sugar and fructose situation. It is both the same, but there are some differences in structure and the overall impact on the body. [...]

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