gluten-free can cause nutrient deficiency, glutenfrei und Nährstoffmangel

Gluten-free diet leads to nutrient deficiency!

What is gluten? To understand the whole situation with gluten, gluten-free, nutrient deficiency and weight loss it is important to […]

tips against inflammation

How to avoid inflammation!

What is inflammation? Inflammation is an essential part of everybody´s immune system. It´s the response of our immune system to […]

How to prevent aging

How to prevent aging and stay young!

Aging can be prevented! Every day we get a little bit older and that means our cells lose their youth […]



a fitness enthusiast
for many years and having spent endless hours working out, I decided I wanted to get qualified knowledge about our body and nutrition.

This is when I started to get a degree in nutrition and I want to share my knowledge with this blog.

The topics will be about nutrition,
what it does to our body and how it helps to reach our goals!

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Hey, I´m Simone. I teach you how to understand nutrition and live a healthy life!